About us

The law firm SOUKENÍK – ŠTRPKA has been delivering legal solutions since 2003. Over this decade we have become the largest Slovak law firm in terms of the number of lawyers.


We advise at the highest level

We are perfectly familiar with the Slovak legal environment and we understand its specifics. Depending on the client’s objectives we can assess individual cases in view of the international legal context. We handle international cases in co-operation with renowned foreign law offices in the specific country.


Comprehensive handling of every case

We understand and protect our clients’ interests. We do everything for their maximum satisfaction, and we build long-term relationships with them. When handling a specific case, based on the client’s interest we can assess its business plan. When we deliver legal solutions, we also take into account the taxation and accounting implications of the client’s specific plan in addition to the legal aspect.


We have a strong team comprising strong characters

We have a team with the largest number of lawyers in the Slovak Republic. In addition to general legal expertise, each team member specialises in a specific area of law or specific branches of law. When required to carry out extensive assignments or to conduct complicated legal cases, we can assemble a legal team comprising the necessary specialists, which will effectively utilise the specific skills of individuals for the benefit of our clients.


We are close to clients

In addition to the Bratislava office, we have five branch offices across Slovakia, which brings cost savings to our clients when requiring legal advice. Hence we are closer to our clients, and we are also familiar with regional differences, which we can use for our clients’ benefit.


We maintain 100% discretion

Members of our legal team are legally required to maintain the confidentiality of all facts they become privy to during the course of their practice. In addition, we are the first law firm in Slovakia to have obtained the National Security Office’s business industrial security certificate - classification level "Confidential". The law firm’s partners also hold the National Security Office certificate, entitling them to access classified information – classification level "Confidential".


Nothing left to chance

We guarantee our proposed solutions by knowledge of law and years of experience. Any damages resulting from a potential breach of obligations in relation to the delivery of legal services are further covered by a liability insurance of €10,000,000.