• The law firm SOUKENÍK – ŠTRPKA is established

The new office quickly establishes itself on the legal services market and gains a strong foothold. The newly established office is headed by David Soukeník and Peter Štrpka. Bratislava becomes the location of the Head Office.


  • We open new offices

Step by step, offices in Žiar nad Hronom, Nitra and Banská Bystrica are added, with the Head Office in Bratislava. In the same year the firm opens a representation in the Czech Republic, with an office in the capital Prague.


  • We move to new premises

The new location of the firm is the administrative premises in the modern Milton House on Šoltésovej Street, no. 14 in Bratislava, in the immediate vicinity of the Palace of Justice.


  • We adapt our organisation structure

The office underwent internal restructuring and starts delivering legal services as SOUKENÍK – ŠTRPKA, s. r. o. (ltd.). A new office in Prešov is also opened.


  • We are the biggest Slovak law firm

The newest office in the High Tatras is opened. Our team comprises more than 60 members, over 40 of which are lawyers. Our clients come from all over Slovakia as well as from abroad, and they recognise us as a reputable law firm, which can resolve major legal and commercial cases.