Insurance and damages compensation

  • legal advice in the area of insurance and reinsurance, and insurance and reinsurance financial brokerage
  • protection of client's legal interests in pursuing their insurance claim entitlements from insurance companies, including representation before courts or other financial market bodies
  • legal advice in the area of legislation and the regulation of operations of entities active on the financial market in the insurance area
  • legal assistance and representation in health, property or other entitlements claims, including assistance in pursuing financial compensation
  • comprehensive advice in the area of losses incurred by a company by members of its statutory body
  • pursuit of claims for compensation for damages resulting from traffic accidents (property damage, compensation for pain and suffering, reduced capacity for social life, compensation for medical treatment expenses, loss of income, etc.) or as a result of other events constituting entitlement to damage compensation
  • pursuit of claims for the compensation of damages incurred as a result of unlawful action by the public authorities